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We are the manufacturer & Expoters of :

Double Column Band Saw Machine

Swing Type Band Saw Machine

Fluid Power Products

Standard Duty Hydraulics Cylinders

Something you are not aware About Us !!

Ship Machine Tools, is group of companies, achieving perfection in everything we undertake, with a commitment to excel.
Transforming every challenge into an opportunity.
Seizing every opportunity for growth .... with a human face.
The company was envisaged and incorporated by a sincere visionary who possessed the crystal clear vision and foresight to establish, nurture and carry forward a commitment in business administration, basically for the manufacture and marketing of industrial machineries

Double Column / Swing Type Band Saw M/c, (Automatic / Semi Automatic / Manual), Hydraulic Copy Turning M/c, Vertical Broaching M/c, Hydraulic Press for any application Centering and Facing M/c, Special Purpose M/c, Material Handling Equipments, Hydraulic Power pack, Standard Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Achieving ' Prime Quality ' has always been our main motto. Modestly speaking we have thrived on it and sincerely owe our success to it.

The company's vision and motto : " To remain at the pinnacle of success through excellence in quality " ultimate enhanced superior quality endorses our lead product and market leadership.

Since the humble beginning the company has profoundly grown in a short span of time. Our manufacturing divisions are well equipped with the modern state - of - the - art technology machineries and equipments and the latest innovations are incorporated immediately before they become apparent in the market.

The system is ably supported by the latest hi-tech infrastructure available there by, balancing the integral concomitant aspect of the clients' demand and the production plan and targets. The different divisions are managed by highly qualified professionals who maintain a stringent quality code. End result - " Customers' total satisfaction "

Our conscientious ingenuity puts to test the best of our competitors. We offer congenial work atmosphere. Innovation and brilliance are recognized, encouraged and rewarded. Progress is now a constant habit within the hegemony of the organization.